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Keep it in the family


11 June 2017 at 15:24:47 MDT

Before you read about these guys, this IS an incest story. It has some fucked up stuff and at times will/can get incredibly violent.

ANYWAYS! These characters are pretty old. It was only a story that I've been wanting to make for YEARS but never got around to it. Until now. I always remember it whenever I watch gangster movies.

Huang is the leader of an infamous criminal organization in China. He's ruthless, hardcore, and isn't afraid to bring innocent civilians into harms way to get his way. He's known to sleep around A LOT and had seven sons each from different mothers(minus the twins Menyao and Xiaoli). He took his sons away from their mothers(except Takumi) and raised them himself. As raised them he twisted their minds to only hold loyalty to him.

Delun is the eldest son that mainly works with the money. Acting as his father's accountant and secretary he deals with business when his father can't. He loves to belittle people and make them feel stupid. He's witty and knows how to strike a deal. Despite his less then intimidating appearance he's a good fighter and will knock your teeth out if you get into his father's way. He loves having his father's attention and lusts for it. He does his best to get and keep it.

Elon is the 2nd oldest and always works with Delun. When his big brother goes to meet up with important clients he's not too far behind. Even though he's bigger then his brother he still looks up to him as a child would to their big handsome older brother... it's not just innocent admiration though. Just as his big brother lusts after his father's affection he lusts after his big brother's. He does his best to keep him safe and show him just how well he can crack a few skulls. Delun likes to fuck with him and 'punish' him a lot, but his big bro loves him. Fun fact, despite his appearance he loves to dance and is pretty good at it.

Harvey is the 3rd son. He's a mute, shy, and likes to keep to himself. The others call on him if they need anyone taken out clean and quietly. He's usually referred to as the scary son because of the way he is around people. But in reality that tough face is actually him being nervous. Unlike the others he hates going to nightclubs and would rather stay at home and embroider. He's a killer, but he's not completely heartless! He loves animals, gardening, and embroidering. He's very much in touch with his feminine side and isn't afraid to show it. It's not like anyone could say anything to him anyways. Most people are too scared XD

Next is the twins Mengyao and Xiaoli. Mengyao is the eldest of the two and is the most level headed. He loves to party and likes getting his brother into bed with him. Drunk or sober. It doesn't matter for him! He's known to be a party animal around the city and loves to have a good time. He likes getting a cute girl(or guy) into a threesome with him and his brother. Though Xiaoli tends to easily get jealous. He isn't afraid to show his affection towards his father or brothers. He's a guy that's full of love! Until you fuck with one of his family of course.

Xiaoli is the youngest of the twins and is a lot like Mengyao. In a sense that he likes to party and is a social butterfly. Unlike his level headed brother though, he's a complete psycho. He's prone to fight instead of using his words to defuse a situation and seeing his brother with anyone else tends to tick him off. He gets very jealous easily. While Mengyao is a party animal Xiaoli is known as a party monster. He knows how to kick it and can be a hell of a wing man, but his temper isn't in control... it's never in control. You'll never see him stray too far from his brother. He's a very possessive guy, but Mengyao knows how to deal with him.

Yong-sun is the 6th son and is known as the tank. He can pick a man up over his head to throw him across a room. He knows how to throw his weight in a fight, but unlike the others he doesn't really like fighting. He's a lover, not a fighter! If he has to hit someone he will, but it usually doesn't take more then one punch to get someone to back away from him or his brothers. He's usually asked to accompany his father as a bodyguard. When he's around people usually keep away. He's known to be a daddy's boy too like Delun and enjoys getting his father's attention. He and Delun bump heads a lot because of that. Until Takumi came into the picture he was the youngest of the sons.

Takumi is the last and 7th son. Unlike the others his mother managed to keep him from his father and brought him to Japan to be raised. It wasn't until he was older did he find out who his father was. Of course, like any curious teenager he went to look for his father and when he found him he was happy, but at the same time conflicted as he finds out just how shitty he is. Like his brothers he knows how to fight and he's damn good, but he could never put his arms up against someone that doesn't really deserve it. Because of this demeanor he's picked on by his brothers. All except Harvey. The two got close and he's soon finding out that Harvey isn't what he seems either.

So much drama~ \OwO/

If you can't tell Elon, Harvey, Yong-sun, and Takumi are all mixed. Elon's mother is from Indonesia, Harvey's from Australia, Yong-sun's from Korea, and Takumi's from Japan. I love all these characters but wow is Huang a piece of shit. I ain't gonna lie, making shitty characters are fun XD

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