Fools of Yorkshire 15 / 17 by Angellothefox

Fools of Yorkshire 15 / 17


29 December 2014 at 04:06:15 MST

After Crystal Fire sorted or did whatever it was to stop Angello from crying he placed him down on the floor.

He looked rather cute.
Almost Adorable

His tail was much sorter and his eyes was much bigger.
"So police is on there way and they seeing you with a baby fox is not going to go down well is it!" Said Judas

"You kind of backed your self in a Gray area!" Explained Judas
"I kidnapped a fox stoll some fountain of youth from a well used it on Angellothefox how dose that seem bad!"
"DAD that is pretty bad! You may get wired questions about it!"

"So what do you think" said Crystal Fire picking up Angellothefox in his arms.