I am not old enough:( by Angellothefox

I am not old enough:(


7 November 2014 at 00:55:35 MST

I am 20 years old and even I in counter some things I can not do.
I have to wait until I am 21.
Other people at are over can do as they please.
For example.
If someone gave me a free trip to amarica all paid for with $100 spending money.
That would be great.
But that is not the point.
If I walked into a bar with $100 spending money and I wanted a paint of Stella like good old Briton.
I would show the guy or animal my ID card and they will say.
"Sorry mate can't serve you till your 21!"
That is the example I am giving.
serton pubs
and other???
you can not go or have until you are 21.
It is like a big cuboid at others can go through but I have to stay outside watching furries go into the cuboid and have a good time having or doing I do not know what.
I want to join in the fun please.