Create your own babyfur base by Angellothefox (critique requested)

Create your own babyfur base (critique requested)


30 March 2017 at 14:32:33 MDT

Hello Have you ever wanted to make your own babyfur?
Do you want to make your own babyfursona?
Do you want to make a babyfursona for someone else?

Whould you like to create without having to worry about drawing and without having to worry about digitally drawing too much?

Well I have the salution
This is a babyfur base that I did and it is FREE to use. It is simple. Just copy the image by what ever means? Screen grab, download or the classic copy and past.

Once you have copied it open it in whatever painting program you use it could be speed paint, Photoshop or gimp hey even the good old Microsoft paint that you get with windows for free will be good enough.
Once you have pasted it in then you can do what ever you like with it! Add ears or a tail or rub parts out that you do not want.
Create a diaper design. You can make the diaper clean or dirty or messy it is really up to YOU! in the end.

Once you have compleated your master piece you can do one or more things.
You can keep it for yourself and have it locked away somewhere in the attic of your computer or hardrive, memmory stick or even a actual attic? Hay if you want to print the work out I am not stopping you!

Or sheare it with your friends and the web. Or just the web on it's own since the web is a big place to make friends.
Upload it to facebook Twitter Weasyl Furaffinity DeviantART make a youtube slide?

If your worried about permission do not be... It is meant to be FREE it is ment for loads of other furries to make babyfurs ether from them selfs and friends or just themselfs.

The one thing I will say is this. If you do edit using this base could you send a link to me please. I mean you do not have to but I would like to see how it looks and what cute alterations and editing you have made to it. ^^

Thank You yours Angello

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