Keep Me Busy Summer YCH by angelicgemini

Keep Me Busy Summer YCH


29 June 2016 at 12:42:42 MDT

Well, I may be going away for a bit and I want something to keep myself busy. This isn't related to service dog fundraising or anything; just something for me. (BTW, I'm going to try to keep that on the page that I made for it from now on.)

I want to have some work to keep me busy, so I'm taking some summer themed YCH pieces to do since I don't think there'll be internet access, just electricity. I have five pieces with 5 slots open for each. The more you buy, the less it is per slot. If you buy all five, then you get a free bonus waist up commission in full color.


*Any sex
*Any vertebrate species

  • I say flat color, but may very well add shading.*Paypal only*Must pay by June 30th 2pm EST because I'll be leaving and won't have internet. I don't start before I'm paid and it'll give me time to get your info and everything I need before I leave.*If you can, post a sfw reference link when you comment to buy.*Pieces will be e-mailed from July 8-17

Comment below with the numbers to buy.

  1. Looking Out
  2. Melty Cone
  3. Looking at Fireworks
  4. Sparkler
  5. Hot Dog Time

Yeah, my titles suck.