AoSTH Robotnik by Amuzoreh

AoSTH Robotnik


18 January 2013 at 21:02:59 MST

"I know just the trap to catch that Hedgehog! And with it, those blunder-heads will never have a prrrrromotion! Sometimes my genius surprises even myself!"

God yes. I love the derpy-Pingas Robotnik of Adventures of Sonic The hedgehog. =w= He's so amazingly fat-headed AND bodied. He's everything a Robotnik should be if he's going to fail.

I actually had fun drawing him. He always struck me as VERY hard to draw, and even harder to pose and express, but I've just realized, he's the most expressive Robotnik out there. Honestly. Classic Robotnik doesn't have much of a head or face, SatAM/Underground Robotnik was ALWAYS so ANGRY he never showed much more than malice. And Eggman...well....he's a fair mix of fail and win. But AoSTH Robotnik was THE MOST expressive.

I'd also like to add this was about 1.5 hours in SAI. Not a very long project/piece. Honestly that's a record for me. XD I've not done something that fast in ages!

=w= Chaos I love that show~

Enjoy the derpiness! I hope you guys get a kick outta what I'd think he's saying and so proud of :>

Robotnik (C) Sega, Sonic Team, and Disney( ? )

Unsure about that last one honestly, but I saw it on disney as a kid so bleh...

Art (C)

Thanks to a previous comment a friend of mine gave to this wonderful picture yesterday when I drew it:

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