Working Out the Beast by Amethyst Mare

Working Out the Beast

Amethyst Mare

15 July 2017 at 07:49:13 MDT

Working out has a surprising effect on a young man who is only looking to release a little frustration...

Open for commissions!

I'll be honest - whilst I thoroughly enjoyed writing this short story and combining the gym with transformation, I don't feel that it is my best work. I feel that the large amount of edits and re-writes detract from the style and development of the short tale, but potentially they are only visible to my eye. I hope you lads and ladies can enjoy this work as much as I did in writing it, but please be kind to me on this one. The commissioner was happy and that's what truly matters with a story like this! :)

Story (c) Arian Mabe / Amethyst Mare
Character/s (c) Alyaerin