Chi by Amakai



21 April 2015 at 08:16:42 MDT

My third dreamy...and my last till whenever the myo event comes back. Since I got refunded on some customs, I went ahead and made her since I wanted one female to go with my two boys. This is Chi.

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    Wow! She's really cute! Her design is what caught my attention. :3

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      Thank you so much! I had a lotta fun designing her ;u;

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        You're very welcome.I'm kind of getting into furies again myself. I seriously think this website should have art groups like what DeviantART and Storm-Artist has. XD

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          It would be really helpful for the lesser seen artists...This is like the first comment I've gotten from anyone in months now xD At least it feels like it

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            Lol, same. The only person that favorites my art is my fiend Magma. I haven't seen anything new from her tough. :V
            Maybe I can talk to one of the Mods like Swanda or something about giving them ideas to save up money to make art groups on this site. O_o

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              I know groups helped DA grow...personally I think groups on any art site is helpful cuz you can also meet new people easier =u=;

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                You're right, btw, the reason why I didn't go with FurAffanity is because they got hacked one time by a new user. I did hear of this site called "SoFurry" though, I might just join it as well. :D I'll let you know on what the Mods think about art groups here on Weasyl. It might only happen when they decide to go with PM's for members and non-members of PM's. :/

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                  FA always has issues but most art sites do sadly...I've heard of SoFurry...I think I joined but haven't posted anything...