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~You Had Me At Hello~ by AlyArmadillo

~You Had Me At Hello~


23 January 2014 at 22:32:00 MST

Connecting icons for myself and my bables ;w;

I love you guys so much amg ;3; smooches your faces

You're the best friends I could even have and asdfg I'm so grateful to know each one of you ;w; LET ME LOVE YOU PLZ o u o

Art (c) alyarmadillo
Characters (c) in order
Sprinkle-butt alyarmadillo sticker-bat sweetpinkpetals


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    YOU SWEET BABER OMG ; 3 ; smoochles you all over the face
    Thank you so much for making these!! They all look precioussss.
    I lav those cute hearts and the pink thread.
    And the blinking animationnn ; u ;

    These are so cute omg bable you are great with pixels!!
    Look at my bby Kiana > 3 < So yummy!
    Attackles I lavvv thank you!! <333