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Slave Orc by alnair93

Slave Orc


This is James Schwarzdonner.

Like Rigg, he's also a job placement officer. Only in a position slightly higher than he is, so technically, he's Rogg's manager. While Rigg's stressed out on his day job and his moonlighter job as a gay bar stripper, James deals with evern more complex stuff from his office. Unemployed, recently fired, fresh graduates, all in all he gets shouted on that. That goes from 9 to 6.

But after the whistle blows, and all that pissed off clients, he goes on as a different kind of orc. You see, he's got a kink kept secret to everyone. And by everyone, especially Rigg. That doesn't mean Rigg doesn't have a right to know. He also has one.

Dressed scarcely in just a leather cuff and collar, James goes off with his "Master". Rigg doesn't know who this "Master" is, but he sure knows James has this sub gig going on before he entered the job placement. And to admit, Rigg's kinda attracted to him despite the balding crown and the scar on his lips. Rigg's always attracted to some physical mark or two...

But rest assured, whatever James is doing, he sure loves it...

Done in Autodesk Sketchbook on Galaxy Note
OC James Schwarzdonner © Alex Yorim, 2014

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    good use of value, though rough, its convincing of real shadows and highlights.