Hidden Palace Zone by AllyAlbertosaurus

Hidden Palace Zone

Hidden Palace Zone


11 September 2019 at 00:42:50 MDT

You can probably tell, but this isn't final, it's just to kind of flesh out a piece of the project I'm working on. I originally uploaded this to Furaffinity but decided to upload it here as well because FA is kind of dying so I might abandon that site like DeviantArt at some point.
Anyway, I finally decided to make Nilla The Kaiju into an actual game, sort of conceptualizing what I want it to be like. For the most part, the basic functions and controls of the game are almost ready such as jumping and basic movement. I might even assemble a team to help develop Nilla The Kaiju, whenever possible. Currently, Hidden Palace Zone's background is a light gray and white grid and dark gray platforms and doesn't actually look like this because this is just a concept for what I want it to look like. I obviously don't own the sprites for Knuckles or the Emerald Altar, they were free-to-use resources; but I'll see if I can make my own for some of the levels.
Hidden Palace Zone acts sort of like a hub world or a level select kind of like Green Hill Zone in Sonic 1: Dragon Edition. The Master Emerald can be used to teleport to different locations in the game, with Knuckles' permission, of course. Knuckles is there as an NPC who you can talk to and he will basically give you tips or tell you how to do something in the game. He might become a playable character sometime in the game. His role in the story is kind of important.

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