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Peaceful Volumph by Allikitti

Peaceful Volumph


Volumphs are an original species of mine whose universe I'd like to build on more in the future. Here's more about them!

  • They're a recently discovered species, size and appearance roughly that of an elongated tapir, with a social structure resembling that of bonobos and penguins.

  • The short tail you see on this one is actually a recessive trait; many don't have tails at all. They come in some patchy colors ranging the gamut from peachy red, to pink, to purple, to grey. Many have blotches or speckles of mixed skin colors, but most display solid markings. Petting them feels like pigskin, and most have some short peach fuzz covering their bodies.

  • They're a curious and friendly sort, probably owing to them having no natural predators. Based on their precise behaviors, they seem to also be sapient, or at least display high social intelligence, though they don't do very well with spacial mapping.

  • They're naturally herbivorous, grasping mosses and fungi off of large roots and plants with the two finger-like appendages at the end of their trunk. Lacking teeth, they pull apart these materials with their fingers, then siphon them through two tiny openings at the end of their trunk. This odd appendage is a workaround for lacking an actual mouth. They do, however, vocalize with a series of high-pitched trills, chirps, and purrs in the throat.

  • They have a four-legged, plantigrade gait, like that of a bear. The hands on their front legs are not quite as dexterous as their trunk, but can still be used to grasp and tear soft plant matter.

Volumphs! Just some weird little gals.

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