Commission Sheet 2017 by Alkraas

Commission Sheet 2017


19 November 2017 at 16:32:47 MST

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Commissions are: OPEN:

Terms Of Service | To Do List <<

What I'll draw
Normal art, book covers, album covers, art for games.
Anthros (Busts only), Ferals, animals, dragons, fan art (MLP, Pokemon etc.), gore.

What I won't draw
Humans, Anthros, mecha, NSFW

I accept steam games as payment too! Please ask for my wishlist if you are interested. The game's price should be equal to the amount you'd pay to the commission (Commission x€ / Game's worth x€. Prices can be discussed if the game is cheaper than what I am charging, e.g. flat colors, etc.).

Commission Form:

- Type: Bust, Fullbody etc.
  • Character: Reference sheet/ art of your character or photos of your pet.
  • Payment Method: Paypal/ Points/ Steam games
  • Background: Describe the background here. Be as detailed as you can. Leave it blank if you want it transparent.
  • Extras: Anything that is important? What should I pay attention to? If you chose a watermark, you can leave a link to your font here.
  • Read my Terms Of Service: Yes/No

Thank you for showing interest!

Submission Information

Multimedia / Other