Anger Issues by Alkraas

Anger Issues


1 October 2017 at 14:57:36 MDT

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►► For - Drache-Lehre | Xeshaire on Deviantart ◄◄

╠ Commission ╣
Artwork © Alkraas
Character(s) © Xeshaire

Programs: SAI Version 2; Photoshop 2017 | Tablet: Ugee M708

This is a commission for Xeshaire 's birthday. I really hope you like it!
And thank you so much for commissioning me! It was a lot of fun
to draw their cursed fox :).

Do not repost, steal, recolor, alter or sell this artwork.
Do not use this artwork in any way unless you are the owner of the
artwork or the character(s) in it