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[com] unity by ALIEN

[com] unity


an assassins creed unity themed commission! had a lot of fun with this one, even if it did take a while to complete!

here's the background on its own with original colors, because i like how it turned out haha: [x]

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    I've played this game religiously (the third one, at least) so I can definitely say that you've captured the spirit, atmosphere and "feel" of the game very well! The composition is stirringly gorgeous in this piece, as well as the soft color-shading and their fluid, motion-attuned poses. Fine work all around. :3

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      thank you so much i'm glad i managed to capture the atmosphere of the game!! i've never played any of the AC games so i was just trying to go off of screenshots and stuff for this haha!

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        For mere screenshot-based refs, you've done exquisitely well in emulating the environment in your own artistic style! ;)
        That will always amaze me, how one who never even touched the games can practically contribute something that could easily be used in-game. XD

        That's (almost) like when artists who never even played the Starfox series are apt to pull off an awesome Arwing drawing, or a cute pic of Fox & Krystal together... the vision always abides, enveloped with flying colors by any one true artist's personal touch, regardless of personal exposure or lack thereof. That... is power. <3

        KUDOS! :3

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    This is super cute!

    I actually really like the minimalistic trees and the colors to this piece!

    Great job!

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      thank you! c:

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    they're doing my job for me

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    Have to really give praise to this image. Makes me want to pick up the game myself.