Dances with Waves and Rivers by Alias

Dances with Waves and Rivers


17 December 2013 at 02:42:51 MST

इन खुरों महासागर के पार कोई सीमा नहीं पता.मसीहा की तरह, हम वर्तमान के साथ शान से चलना होगा और दुनिया को संतुलन.कोई बुराई के साथ या गड़बड़ी मेरा ध्यान टूट.

If you bother to look it up, its a crappy Poem I made on a whim. Kind of like the Original Design to my Favorite Goat/Sheep/Ram thingy here~

I tried to give an Awesome looking Hindu Title, but I guess FA can't handle that kind of awesome. XD

The artist had little to NO art posted here when I found her, shes been drawing for a while but has become more active here and is posting alot of old and new art.

Shes Hindu Themed, but does others too.

She opened for Requests on her Tumblur and gave her Alterise along with a commission idea.

Hers the Request; Alterise dressed up in a Hindu outfit that I let her design.

If I don't feel like she'll get tiered of drawing her, Ill probly commission her a few more times~

Ill probly even finally give Alterise a proper theme...though she may now be Mixed with Arab, Indian, AND Hindu...since she fits all 3 so fell <3

Anyway, heres a new art of her again, in a new light.

Awesome Artist =   battleguppy <3

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