House Platter by Alias

House Platter


17 December 2013 at 02:37:14 MST

Dancers and Escorts Sold Seperatly.

Extra may be charged.

These Lovely Ladies are barley a handful of the Beauties you will see, wine, dine and have at you in the Desert City. If you can afford the Ticket, you will not be dissappointed or bored the second you step out of the long Plane Ride. lavish in Our weekend Specials. Your Dollar will go a Long way.

The artist needed some input on how to be better. I don't personally feel like Im certified to really give an oppinion considering Im not Great Right now, but I do I have my own opinions thats many artist would benifet from. I was in turn rewarded with some free Art.

I left it open, and got tis lovely peice <3

I really love it.

Wish I would have said to give them Both The Raven Head Collar. Would have added the Perfect Falir.

None the less. This is awesome.

Artist is   pel

Both Character belong to Me