So Scary! by Alcho

So Scary!


24 November 2018 at 00:06:13 MST

Seems like something spooked Crazy - or at least disturbed him greatly!

What could it have been???

This is the crap I doodle up when I'm up way too late and too tired to care lol! Maybe I should do stuff like this more often!

Whatcha think? Should I continue this? Or leave it as an open ended cliff hanger?

Art by alcho

Crazy belongs to alcho:


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    The suspense is killing me! You must finish this!

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      I have a few ideas lol - This was going to originally be a full piece, but I was tired and said screw it xD I think I will finish the sketch at least though - or actually - I have another piece in mind that would be directly after this piece, which would explain everything! Either way - at some point in time (maybe soon???) we'll know what's got Crazy all bent out of shape!