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Silly Al Bear sketch time by AlBear

Silly Al Bear sketch time


Yep yep! Silly sketch time. Dexter Fox and I powered up my old metal detector last week and we went to a local park this past Sunday to try using it. The silly thing still works! I had bought it way back in 1996 along with other accessories. It cost a very pretty penny back then, about $1,400 total. From 1996-1999 I used to go to Santa Monica beach in the summer evenings being a metal detector zombie. In about 15 outings or so I must have found about $40.00 in coins. Great investment there! 😂

This Sunday Dexter Fox and I went to the park to see if I remembered how to use it. Well, not so much. I found 2 pennies, a rusty belt buckle tons of beer bottle caps and old aluminum pull tabs. Woo-Hoo! That my friends, is called "hitting the jackpot" of crap, that is. 😑 I found the instructions on how to use the machine online. Maybe we'll try again using that silly thing again.

And yes, that outing inspired me to do this sketch. It took about 7 minutes to do. Pencil first then highlighted the pencil with pen and erased the pencil markings, scanned then added very quick and dirty color.

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