Al Bear and Dexter Fox hiking With background by AlBear (critique requested)

Al Bear and Dexter Fox hiking With background (critique requested)


27 May 2019 at 08:28:10 MDT

Behold! My fourth attempt ever at digital art! It's my foxie, Dex and I hiking. When we go hiking I see bees and they startle me. I highly dislike them.

So yes, I learned how to use the drawing program more, I found out how to use layers more efficiently, used more tools than before, I honestly still don't know more than 75% of this stuff. I was just winging it. I'm also learning how to draw, Yes, I'm learning how to draw too besides using the software. I honestly never drew anything in earnest, Stuff I used to draw was just copying existing cartoon characters in their generic poses. These last 4 items are the very first original characters/poses that I came up with all by myself. And yes, the Wacom drawing tablet I never used that I bought back in 2001 works well too. This is the original concept sketch,

I guess it's not a bad result for this bear that just barely started drawing last year. And holy cr@p hands are such a b*tch to draw! It took me over an hour to get these and they still look, meh!

So my digital art odyssey started last March with this very poor example, LOL!

I honestly had never touched any digital art software and it was super hard to grasp. I really was super lost! this is my -1 attempt.

My 1st attempt was this, I still didn't know how to use layers or almost any tools, I painted the character first and then painted the background by hand all on one layer and coloring in between the lines by hand! šŸ˜‚

My 2nd attempt was much better, I knew a tiny bit of the software, good enough for this,

3rd attempt, Ooooh! I tried the newfangled shading effect for the first time,

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