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-=-Árguros Spider-=- by Alacron Lone (critique requested)

-=-Árguros Spider-=- (critique requested)

Alacron Lone

2 February 2014 at 16:06:40 MST

Thanksgiving week, I had too much free time on my hands and I absolutely hate being around family or anyone of a "Uber Cheery" during the holidays. So... I Locked myself down in my Lab and started doodling with clock parts until I came across a case filled with every size wrist-strap pins for watches... These stainless steel pins won't solder well under normal circumstances, so, I found that if you wrap the area you want to solder in a fine copper wire, it'll suck up the solder in a new York heart beat...

After three solid days of tinkering and running new techniques... I was able to construct this little badass, It's called the Árguros Spider, which is Greek for "Silver Spider". He's probably one of my favorite little creations, and it may look fragile, but he's actually stoooopidly strong. I've played around with the joints a lot while making them, and I've never accidentally broken a connection. However, they do tend to get loose if they are handled too much, but if you plan on making one, keep it under a glass dome and just let it sit pretty.

I am taking commissions for stuff like these, Have not figured out the going rate of charge for them... but I'm ball-parking somewhere between $80 and $150 USD. Depends a lot on what's going on in the construction.

I do have tiny, micro-dot LEDs that I'd like to put in the vacuum tube and let glow like a super eerie nukepunk machine. Plus, I just got a shipment of watch movements in. So, maybe the next one I do will have a pretty piece of legit, moving, mechanical eye candy ^,...~


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