Hydra by Akysi



30 November 2018 at 12:55:43 MST

Completed this at the beginning of the month but then forgot to upload it WHOOPS

I'll be pretty occupied this weekend, so there might not be much art, so here you go.

This is Hydra! Another zodiac companion as I slowly work my way through refining them all. xD A companion to Cancer, they run her armoury (and partake in a lot of dress-up, haha). The previous incarnation of Hydra was what most would expect; a large, malicious beast with many heads, but this Hydra was born quite small and benevolent. Still, this little Hydra had to carry the weight of their past incarnations much like Cancer did, and thus they bonded. Cancer adopted and raised them, and even after turning them loose, Hydra decided to stay with her.