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It's Zombowwow! by akatsukibunnyX3

It's Zombowwow!


One of my Yugioh fanocs ^^ He has a toyhouse page:

A zombie dog that easily falls apart and often gets mistaken as a stuffed animal.

He's very curious but unfortunately gets tired fast. Because of his terrible balance, whenever a limb fall off, he has to drag himself along on the ground.

He was found by the duo Charlotte and Miran, a Ghostrick Yuki-Onna and Nekomusume respectively. They call him "Puppy."

I currently have character reference sheet commissions open!


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    Ohhhh his story is in YuGiOh! I thought he was just a personal OC from a universe you made up haha

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      yep!! i have a lot of yugioh ocs actually;;; maybe one day i'll be able to draw and compile all of them XD