Spring Tour: Punk Rock Babe by AjthePirate

Spring Tour: Punk Rock Babe


4 February 2014 at 22:35:59 MST

Commission my good friend ~Raqox bought of her character Piper. I've got to say, I adore this character because its punk rock and she is super fun to draw, lets be honest here. I also drew her a Christmas picture of this character, but with its winter pelt, I've got to say, I'm actually pretty pleased with this one. I had fun drawing this one, seriously though aheoituew Piper's adorable okay. <3 Ahh, I had to draw here in a little pair of shorts and a tank top because atuwoetuwae

But anyways, I love this character, the cute little septum piercing though, cute little plugs, cute little glasses, cute little character okay. She's rocking out. yo. Anyways, here she is c:

art © me
character /piper/ © Raqox