Race-Ready! by Airless (critique requested)

Race-Ready! (critique requested)


7 March 2014 at 23:02:55 MST

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Dragon Booster YCH ends soon!

Looks like Airless is all set to compete in the All-City Street Races!
I've always dreamt of being in the Dragon Booster show, and now I am! Rawr!

You guys should totally let NerdCorps know that we need a complete Dragon Booster Box Set on Blu-Ray / DVD! http://www.nerdcorps.com/contact/

Dragon Booster is turning 10 this October!
4 days after I turn 22!

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    god i remember this show... did it ever end?

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      It never finished. D:
      Got stuck on a cliffhanger in episode 39.

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        ah ok... i thought thats what happened. why did they not finish it?

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          No one would pay them for more episodes, or something like that, along with a ton more complications that are a bit too confusing to list. @w@

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            that sucks DX

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              It does very much, yes. >_<

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                we should write a petition. LETS RALLY THE TROOPS

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                  Oh, we've been working on that for a few years now. ;3 Go here, it's a fan site with lots of stuff in it and a link to the petition: http://dragon-city.org/ =3 Let us hope, one day, the Dragon can return! ^w^