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(SCENE) COM #160 by Aimee Sim

(SCENE) COM #160

Aimee Sim

28 September 2016 at 11:20:23 MDT

An idea that idiotxd idiotxd and I brought to life.

We wanted some a couple of additional characters to be within the background so it is more believable and Daniel and Tanta obliged and pay for a slot each. I could not be more happier with the result of this image; I think all characters work well together, I love the interaction, colours and the composition. This was a challenge and has turned out to be one of my better pieces of this month.

Marcus is being a meanie and putting seaweed (one of her fears) on Neytiri's nose causing her to become petrified and shout for Marcus to remove it. Tanta is being doubly mean and having a good laugh about poor Neyitir's situation. All we need now is someone tickling Ney's paws to make it torture for her D:

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Daniel © daniel156161
Tanta © Tanthalum
Marcus © idiotxd
Neytiri © aimee-lesley-sim

Art © aimee-lesley-sim