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Pokémon Sketch Page by Afterglow

Pokémon Sketch Page


Stupendous!  Here we have ten of the characters who I roleplay!  Most of them Pokémon, all of them feral.  I'll give ya a little summary of each one.

Cadbury. - Linoone male.  Works as a butler.  Refined, classy, courteous.
Gooie! - Ditto.  Curious, friendly, goofy, never shy, never embarrassed, will grope at the drop of a hat.
Olive Blanche. - Totodile female.  Lively, seductive, plays with her food.
Hurtle. - Squirtle male.  Excitable, hurried, wild, and kinda reckless.  Seen here with shell removed!
Afterglow. - Ampharos male, alpha of his flock.  He's a calm and fair leader, yet uses his position for dominance.  Seen here with some of his flock members.
Pop and Crackle. - Plusle and Minun.  The Plusle is male and a rebel, the Minun is female, timid, and cute.
Lucille Esp. - Espeon female, dignified and elegant.  Often I play her as a queen.
Sparkz - Cabbit male, fluffy n' cute.  Adorable, often shy.
Sachi Wishmaker. - Jirachi female.  Wish-granter!  Child-like personality, playful and cute.

characters (c) Afterglow
Artwork (c) AuZdraGun / Flufflord
Thank you very much, AuZdraGun!  Great to see so many of my characters in one place together.