Sketchdump 2012 by afrozenheart

Sketchdump 2012


6 January 2013 at 14:28:03 MST

Maybe its last maybe not, thus need to practice ppl :P Got pissed at faces so i took a look at my old, small manga book with basic stuff haha XD I was experimenting too.

Not so long ago i started to watch Ranma 1/2 because i never had chance and i can only say TITS EVERYWHERE!(mostly Ranmas) But i was warned XD Thats is why you can see Ryoga/P-chan here XD I really like main characters but somehow i was really badly sympathized with this char :P

If you ask what is Ranma 1/2, well the story is that main char Ranma got betrothed to daughter of his fathers old friend. Kids did ask for it so you prolly how it goes XD anyway, there is problem with Ranma and his father because both were cursed when when they bot are poured with cold water, father changes into panda and Ranma changes into girl |D Later they meet more people and stuff gets complicated! Its funny a bit romantic anime but puts lots of laughs (that why i love old animes)

Anyway, hope you will enjoy those:p

Corus (c) *CorusTenebrae

Ezefu (c) ~VenvaTio

Izufo (c) *Malaika4

Ryoga/P-chan (c) Rumiko Takahashi

Fury, Froz, Allan and whole dump (me)

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