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Super Garth Bros.


23 March 2019 at 09:21:32 MDT

Come look onward dear viewer, at a new picture drawn for me by with Alistair Garth and his brother Rod as they team up to engage in daring-do against a pack of terrorists on a highway.


The job was vital, and the stakes were high, but that mighta been obvious by the picture.

Alistair Garth and Rod wound up on the same job due to seperate causes, sure, Rod was hired by the owner of a nuclear power company to try and catch whoever kept breaking into it, but Alistair had not only sussed out who it was, a chameleon former businessman who founded ideological terrorist group "Faux French" (which itself was devoted to, of all things, grapefruits), the leader happening to have a sizable bounty on his head for funding his bizarre, overobsessive grapefruit crusade through drug dealing, ransom plots and countless instances of robbing fruit vendors.

Both brothers ran into each other while trying to catch the culprit and were pretty surprised to find each other on the same quest, they both agreed to pool their resources and try to go kick some ass. Figuring some family bonding wouldn't hurt...that and they'd get paid either way.

During their investigations over the next couple days, they discovered that the chameleon was stealing uranium from the plant so he could build a massive terraforming device he'd use to pull a coup and take over America, unless they wanted him to forcibly convert %60 of the country into a South American rainforest and kill countless people in the process.

Why? Because he wanted to make it law that everyone had to eat four grapefruit for breakfast, and congress told him to fuck off when he proposed it to them.

The two (with Cheiko Masaki in tow) proceeded to raid their headquarters that very day, and while kicking ass and beating up/killing the majority of the chameleon's men, the terrorist leader about about half of the ninety men who followed him fled on a large flatbed truck with the doomsday device, Chieko slipped on it and began trying to covertly disarm it, but the truck sped off, and so did the terrorists.

However, there were a motorcycle and sidecar nearby, and Rod had brought a totally bitchin' club, so he and Alistair went off to fight.

So here they are, already having taken several terrorists, fighting their way to the front, currently dealing with a dullahan and about to open up a six pack of whoop ass on these jerks.

Clearly, we can see who has the bigger grapefruits here.


Alistair and Rod Garth, plus the dullahan by extension, belong to me.


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