Fishing day by Adventurer

Fishing day


25 April 2016 at 02:50:18 MDT

Another piece from my backlog, from April 2015. Description from original DA submission below:

"Will you two stop encouraging those things? They're scaring away the fish!"

Someday I'll submit a group picture involving Sandalio where he isn't getting annoyed at whoever else is in the image. Really.

But in the meantime . . . wow it's the ACTUAL MAIN CHARACTERS! TOGETHER! Yeah, I haven't actually done a complete, coloured group shot of these four since 2005. I'm not even exaggerating. There have been various pictures of them in pairs and stuff, but not all four of them together. Truly a monumental occasion.

I can't even remember how this image entered my head, but I figure it serves as a fun way to show the general dynamic among the crew.

As for those blue and white critters, those are sea griffins, one of the griffin species seen in the story. They're only found in the cold southern waters of the Faspiaan Ocean, so Ken's feet are probably freezing, but he loves water and never did mind the cold, so he's probably enjoying it. Weirdo.


Ken, Sandalio, Mel, Buzzy and sea griffins belong to Adventurer