Cyber Siren Adopts [OPEN] by Adrenaline Angel

Cyber Siren Adopts [OPEN]

Adrenaline Angel

7 December 2014 at 15:28:20 MST

Cyber Sirens are creatures who lures men over social media sites to meet in person, then turns them into upgrades for her computer. They sometimes have robotic parts that will also be upgraded via male victims. They are very pleasant and kindly upon being met in person and/or when meeting a non-lustful male, any female, or other. All female race.

1) She is good at her job, but really just wants a cute girlfriend to watch Netflix with --- $5

2) She enjoys her job immensely and take pleasure in the pain of men---$5

3) She works as a burlesque dancer at night, so she doesn't always have to use the internet to lure men---$5



  • Be aware that this is also available via my Weasyl account. The first to comment on either site, receives the adopt.
  • Comment to claim an Adopt.
  • First come, first serve.
  • Must have a paypal.
  • USD
  • Give artistic credit if using art piece sent to you. Otherwise, feel free to recreate and redraw or use in stories etc. as you wish!
  • You may resell but please do not sell for more than you paid

About this Adopt-

  • You will receive a .jpg of the Adopt without water mark via email or upload to this site AFTER payment is received.
  • You may request a .png

Submission Information

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