Collectable Adopts! Itty Bitty Inks 1: Humans [OPEN] by Adrenaline Angel

Collectable Adopts! Itty Bitty Inks 1: Humans [OPEN]

Adrenaline Angel

3 December 2014 at 15:09:24 MST

Itty Bitty Inks are a collectable series of adopts that are traditionally inked! They are each 2-2.5 inches tall and are yours to do with as you please! You will recieve a .psd with the inked layer seperate so that you can colour how you please! Or you can commission me to colour them with the colours you want!

NAME YOUR PRICE (starting at $1 USD please)!



  • Be aware that this is also avaliable via my DA account. The first to comment on either site, recieves the adopt.
  • Comment to claim an Adopt.
  • First come, first serve.
  • Must have a paypal.
  • USD
  • Give artistic credit if using art piece sent to you. Otherwise, feel free to recreate and redraw as you wish!
  • You may resell but please do not sell for more than you paid

About this Adopt-

  • You will recieve a .jpg of the Adopt without water mark via email or upload to this site AFTER payment is recived.
  • Upon Request I will send you a colourable .psd with the lines on a seperate layer!
  • If you wish, for $3 extra I will colour the adopt with colours of your choice!
  • Each Adopt is NAME YOUR PRICE! Please don't ask for under $1 USD!
  1. Hakura, the bathing suit girl
  2. Nat, the sporty girl
  3. Lissa, the librarian
  4. Caty long legs
  5. Niabi, the nomad
  6. Sarah, the angry witch
  7. Miranda, the elegant lady
  8. Josh, the dude

Submission Information

Visual / Traditional