Comm - PineconeMarten - Swamptrek by Adalore

Comm - PineconeMarten - Swamptrek


4 September 2020 at 13:42:26 MDT

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Art detected, it is a good art, yes. If you want to keep up with my nonsense, streams included: please follow me on twitter at

Commissioned by Pineconemarten (FA)/Pinemartoon(twitter) of their character Slate dragging my character Shale into the wilderness to find treasure. And if there is no treasure some non-cheap drinks at the bar so it's clearly a win-win situation.

... At least until the mudbeasts or "Mud Eleins" ambush them. That'll push it into the more negative categories of an outing. That could result in being TF'd into such things (like the snow beasts I have previously drawn.) or a rough fight to escape.