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Commission - Nidonocu - Arminstall by Adalore

Commission - Nidonocu - Arminstall


Commission for Nidonocu, on FA, of their character Drake. Also ft. Rufellen, who is also on fa, of their squirrel. This takes place in my Vulcan Automata setting.

In this setting simple frames can be built with ease out of composite plastics but specialized and/or heavy duty tools need to be manufactured separately and installed into the frame. Effectively the rule is that if it is more reasonably made out of metal it has to be fabricated separately. Very specialized frames include lots of added parts like this. More frequently frames are purpose made at this level and instead of adding it to the existing frame the VA's cyberbrain is transferred over to the new body.

Emergency "replacement" frames while can be constructed on the spot tend to have little utility/function besides giving the VA personal agency back after catastrophic injury.

Drake here is being geared up to be a security specialist on the meatspace side of things, doors, hardware ports, and so on. His gauntlet is a swiss army tool of door opening tools, lockpicks, morphic metal for reaching in and around doors and so on. Otherwise he has his own built in intruder suite of software tools to hack into systems and bypass them that way, the drone he has working as a repeater point and additional tool storage.

And if all that fails? Punch the door.
An expert considers all methods.