The Slatepaw - Species Ref (pt1) by Adalore

The Slatepaw - Species Ref (pt1)


3 July 2018 at 15:11:38 MDT

Slatepaws have been a original species project for me for a while, they started as DnD kobolds and over the years have developed into their own distinct thing.

They are clearly maximum adorable, while they armhnomnom the horror terrors like some sort of fussy sushi.

I'll be happy to answer any questions about them, and it would also be cool if people want to make their own slatepaw characters. :D


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    Oooo, cool. I want to make one.

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      Cool. Do you want to make one yourself or do you want input on it?

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        Well, I'd be checking with you to see if everything is good with it as I work on it.

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          alrighte. I look forward to seeing it. :)