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Commission - Kaerou Cyboldly by Adalore

Commission - Kaerou Cyboldly


16 June 2016 at 02:52:05 MDT

This commission was done for Kaerou on FA and is part of my Vulcan Automata series.

Kaerou dashed forward with unnatural speed, pushed on by jets on his back. The facility needed eyes on this breach now to launch a proper retaliation strike. The overcast sky threw UAV scouting out, and they had jamming tech that made other ranged sensors worthless. The company was blind but so were they under their own jammers, Kaerou slowed to not give himself away with the more mundane sense of simple hearing. Landing with a thud on the forest floor from the ridges above, he crept with ease that would make his kin envious as the unknowns came into sight.

Employee Designation : Kaerou

Specialization : Wilds Stalker

Employee Proficiencies
Sense of Stealth
Physical dexterity

Template : Outrider - Default - Multi-power level settings for moments of danger or idling power conservation. Long battery life on idle settings. Long range tactical data relay. Armed with electronic discharge on both arms and dispatched with a high power semi-automatic rifle that is electronically triggered by the employee. Synced with the rifle is the Vision Assist Solid Visor which covers the eyes and provides extended vision ranges.

Specific for this employee - Propulsion jets in back and supporting secondary jets in legs, and skid friction management feet. This kit allows extremely fast strategic movement within the employee’s battery range.

Administrator notes - Kaerou has been instrumental for security between our outposts, completely thwarting an above expectations amount off attacks from our assets.


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