The Edenic Void by Acevis Elecion

The Edenic Void

Geography--- It is located in the remote north; the entire continent is virtually a giant Taiga, with a characteristic tropical canopy. The land is commonly enshrouded in mist, helping it’s obscure legend prevail. The trees are on average 300Ft tall and extend through most of the region. The Soil is rich for farming and contains incredible amounts of metals and other precious resources used to nurture the arboreal giants. In the middle of the continent lies a large gaping circular basin of which the Cognito retain control of.

Name--- It was named the ednic void by the Cognito. The name was chosen due to the paradoxal nature of the weather and climate systems. The land is known for being harsh in extreme weather regularly. In the winter the temperature may actually go UP to a blazing 175 degrees Fahrenheit, and vice versa even in the middle of the summer the temperature may crash to a chilling -110. Wind, lightning, and water disasters are not rare instances either.

Species: There are several species living on this seemingly blessed but forsaken continent.

Cognito- The race of giant squirrels, who’s inquiry into the very matter of individuality has given them the most favorable living conditions among the other native inhabitants. They are exclusively located in the center basin of the continent. CAN climb trees

Pyroxias- The “fire” fox, it is commonly found near geothermal vents where it subtly feeds on small mammals. Females are are yellow orangish, whereas males are strictly orange. Length for both genders is 3 feet. CANNOT climb trees

Ursuro- The “sound” bear, is found throughout the continent usually roaming in search of fruit. It IS carnivorous however, and will make it’s presence known through it’s trademark Sonic boom. The then paralyzed enemy (most likely) will be swiftly devoured. Females are seen with a full moon mark on their bellies, Males merely posses a rendition of a distant star as a mark. Length of females is 10ft; Males are 9ft. Females are brown; males are black. CANNOT climb trees

Rayakit- The “Lightning” cat is the natural enemy of the Cognito. Their electrical based attacks are damaging and have the capacity to become fatal to the large rodent most of the time. A large presence is maintained around the basin of the cognito, with other cats being spread out inside the inner forests. Females are white; males yellow. Length of females is 8.5ft, males are 7ft. CAN climb trees

Thavian- The “Thunder” bird is a very hostile menace to the cognito. It is a bird of prey who, similarly to the Ursuro, creates shockwaves, however the Thavian does so on the source of thunder, which is known, unlike the ursuro to shatter eardrums and can be fatal. Females are 20ft.; Males are 18ft. Females are grey-white; males are black. CANNOT climb trees

Neuriper- A viper containing the continent’s most deadly neurotoxin, it also conflicts with the mammal race. The rate of which it strikes is almost equivalent to neurotic transmissions themselves. Females are 12 ft.; Males are 10ft. Females are purple, Males are blue. CAN climb trees

Wones-- Giant worms who travel the soil around the continent. They ambush their prey. Females are 15 ft.; Males are 12ft.

*Aquatic species are mainly larger versions of existing creatures that includes crocodiles, sharks, jellyfish, barracuda, stingrays, and other fish/mammals that can be carnivorous/herbivorous.

Plants-- There are fewer plants species around, but just as equally as bizarre.

Madra Trees-- The bulk of life on the continent is the giant trees of which provide shelter and shade referred to as the “mother” tree. The accented a after the rest of the word was used to signify “anger” that could be felt by the tree itself.

Carnix- A true terror in it’s own right, it could be described as a mobile venus fly trap. It moves by extending it’s roots out and latching onto nearby hard surfaces, where it then disguises itself as an small tree bearing a multitude of sweet smelling fruits. The vines then lash out trapping the victim inside the predator until they are digested over a period of several days to weeks (depending on size), slowly and painfully.

Herbalis- A family of plants often used for medicinal purposes around the island and or collected by travelers as a small delicacy to boost health. They are friendly in appearance, and just about the only thing that doesn’t deceive based on sight.

Major Areas:

Central basin- Stretching for up to 250 feet below the surrounding areas, It is located in the center of the continent, and stretches for almost 5 miles across.

Sea of consciousness- The Sea that surrounds the continent harbors it’s aquatic life as well as souls of the deceased.

River of tension- A river stretching the entire continent, it can and will flood. Beforehand however it is known to produce rushing sound prior to disaster. It also harbors aquatic creatures.

The Edenic Void

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