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At 7’4 and living up to a millennia, these Giant Squirrels are not exactly normal by speciation definition. They were born with the gift of Metacognition, a term few know, but a modest amount of other species practice. They hold to their own views of which they can never truly obtain truth on all things as many are purely subjective and vary on the individual.

Features: As stated earlier, they are lumbering beings for a rodent. Since the very core of their power lies within electromagnetic pulses surging throughout the brain; it and the spinal cord are the most heavily shielded areas. The Skull and spinal cords of these creatures are made out of diamond, adamantium, and laced with chromium metals, making the force required to actually insta-kill one, massive. Gifted with Metacognition, they have control over all conscious and can manipulate unconscious behaviors and functions. Other features can differ from individual to individual.

Societal: They organize themselves in a benevolent Matriarchy. Females don’t rule males, but are valued and treated highly. They are allowed very high positions much easier than the males, but are rarely let perform those duties. They are the Child-birthers, and thus are protected viciously, especially if in gestation.

Species: There are only two, differing squirrels and the differences are that of study. Interbreeding of the two is frowned upon greatly, thus making it a rarity, but those that do choose to do so are observed highly for signs of degradation. Regardless of parents, all children are cared for equally to ensure maximum potential.

Dia: They specialize in intuition, a large base of logic, resistance to the damaging effects of increased light, and an easier time manipulating existence.

Noche: This breed gains increase physical prowess, higher resistance to dementia, and an easier time quelling or regulating emotions without repercussions.

Unlike Dementian forces, there is a system of schools in place, with each focusing on their strengths and weakness to further individual ability, but focusing on the collected society as a whole. Their societal build is classless, as no school believes it needs to reign over another and the focus of cooperation is critical to their survival. Belonging to anyone of these schools does not make you inferior in the respective fields of the fellow schools.

Structure: This school is in charge of and specializes in the structure of organisms physical and unconscious mental activities. They are the pioneers of the heavy focus on physiology for the species as a whole. They are commonly seen working alongside Functionalists.

Function: The school of Function works in conjunction with Structuralists most of the time. The main goal for this school is purpose and actions of the mind as a whole.

Behavior: The school of behavior is apt to the studies of the physical world on the mind. This school is responsible for the advances in the shielding and enhancement of their neurological power source, the brain

Psychoanalysis: The members of this school devote their attention to the unseen world in the mind. They are the leading experts on wielding the unconscious in the entire species.

Humane: The Humane school, named after the species that it was derived from via observation focuses on the individual. They serve as the backbone for foreign relations and the treatment of other species. Their actions are guided by a collective document written and accepted as a consensus, called “The Lone Schema”

Cognition: The school of Cognition takes the scholarly role in society. Their focus is on how every living creature perceives, think, remembers and learns new skills or information. This school is the one responsible for training the race as a whole.

Electic: Every single squirrel born is electic(capable of learning more than one school), however most prefer to specialize in one school to increase total contribution to society.

Siphoning: The first of two controversial tests that appall other races who know of them. At the age of 5, a child is stripped from their parents and cast out into the Edenic Void’s most hostile spots. This is meant to prepare them for the conflicts that they may or may not endure on foreign lands/planes. They are sent into extreme conditions, be it scorching, below freezing, or the creatures deadly. This test is meant to ensure that they are for the most part, physically able to endure their tasks. Survival rate for children is low, but enough to add to the population rather than stagnate or decrease it.

Inducement: The mental test, one that all must pass before being properly assigned to any caste. The most volatile part of any child’s life, it is properly named, inducing pain, trauma, and carving dementia into the very being. This test is carried out in order to show who can properly execute what needs to be done. Siblings are put against each other, Parents fight their children, and friends assault each other without remorse. It is designed to strengthen the bond between them all and realize that any day could bring this situation to life. No deaths occur here as members of all schools focus solely on benevolent energies to prevent such.

Death: Those who live out a successful life, begin their end journeys a century prior to their end. At age 900, having fought dementia and altered the body, it begins to decay. Major organs begin to slowly fail, painful events such as heart and asthma attacks are frequent as a result of centuries of pushing the limit, and both quad and bipedal movements become almost impossible. On the day a squirrel turns 1000, the first 8 hours are suffered through paralysis, the second, reduce breathing making life barely sustainable, 3 minutes before midnight the heart stops, and at the end of the day brain functions cease completely signaling death.

Predators: The majority of the species predation comes from deities and god like creatures as they are the only types able to physically engage them without having to resort to using an artifact of decay. Dementia hunts them heavily. Any Foreign lands are dependent, such as laven for example. Nagas, dragons, arachnids, some canine taurs, all reptilian taurs, and all feline taurs are the main concerns for them. The land always makes predators subject to change.


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