City of Pylons (bare, structural) by Accelerando

City of Pylons (bare, structural)


18 August 2016 at 17:02:30 MDT

A view without the buildings and clutter to make it clearer what's going on, structurally. The tapering end-caps of the habitat terminate in two end-openings, which are bridged by a skeletal central shaft. This shaft serves three primary purposes:

  1. Allows light to be beamed into the structure, distributed via a series of convex mirrors. The air turbulence-smoothing "flow divider" layers lining the outside of the inhabited cylinder are opaque and do not allow light inside, so there cannot be large windows to allow light inside.
  2. Exchanges water, sewage, and other piped-liquid utilities with the mega-city at large via the bridge axles.
  3. Exchanges passengers with the inter-megacity transit system

Suspension pylons are arranged at regular intervals in diamonds around the rim of the habitat-cylinder. These pylons hold up modular tensegrity structures similar in construction to tents, using foamed metals and construction foams to provide soundproofing and insulation, and linked together by adjustable walkways and utilities hookups.

The modular tensegrity and pylon design I've used here cribs the architecture of the Blur Building because of its rectilinear-grid-like structure, but I don't really know what shape of tensegrity structure would work best.

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