"Um...Hi." (WIP 3) by ACBradley

"Um...Hi." (WIP 3)


17 November 2015 at 03:24:18 MST

Continuing the theme of Chirans meeting new people in silly ways, here's, the Chiran meeting with the goat-people of Omar, which was a slightly nervous young goat-lady bringing a tray of tea to a surprised Chiran crew building one of the six heavy-duty ring-cranes to assemble a naval base.

Omar is a peaceful pre-industrial anarchist society of goat-people on an island in the Kythen Ocean, on the edge of the Sea of Clouds. Omar is the island's name in Etrusean, parsed from a word that ends with a goat bleat (O-maaaaah) which is why the name of the place is a surname from Garam. Omar goats are know for their kindness and adventurous spirit and are great explorers, with traders sailing to distant ports to trade locally-made wares for things they can't make themselves; even in modern times, their pretty wooden sailing ships will sometimes come to Etrusea or Aludra to trade silks and pottery for things like medicines and solar panels, since they prefer to not be totally dependant on Chira (it makes them feel like bad friends).

By contrast, at this point in history (some years after the Battle of Laurent Abyss) the Chirans didn't actually know the island of Mirrai existed yet and hadn't really bothered to check if Omar was inhabited before starting construction of a naval base there. This was about the point they started doing that.

Being a stateless society that's always been that way, Omar have some difficulty getting their heads around the idea of a country (how could so many people all agree on the same things?) and the goat here assumed whoever seemed to be directing everyone was the person whose idea all of this was, so she could sit down and have some tea and discuss things. Discussing things over tea is the traditional Omar way of solving problems, and she was hopeful foreigners wouldn't be that different. Um...the big thing was yellow, that's a nice, jaunty colour...?

(The deal they eventually worked out was quite equitable to both: the Chirans got their naval base, but the main hospital and weather station were built outside the base perimeter so the Omar could use them)

Leafcutter Dragonflies (now present) are almost as adorably silly as Spotted Silk Moths; one of them has already befriended one of the Chiran excavator drivers. They are larger but slightly dimmer than the Leafcutters native to Chira, but mostly have similar habits, being social Hawkins bugs which chew leaves and bark to make paper nests in a similar manner to wasps. Chiran Leafcutters are omnivores, while Omar ones are vegetarian. In Chiran legend, the Leafcutter was created by one of the Goddesses to teach children how to make paper lanterns.

One way in which family units of dragonflies bond is to make nests for friends, and they also do this for bipeds; it is best to put something in the nest so that the dragonfly will see it is being used when she returns, otherwise she will think there is something wrong with it and try to make a better one. Chiran dragonflies can eventually understand the concept that the house is your nest (it helps to gesture expansively to the room you are currently in when they are near the nest) but Omar ones cannot; the Chiran base ended up with a gigantic tent-like paper structure the size of a shipping container in one of its warehouses that staff play cards in so the dragonflies won't make it any bigger.

Omar Silk Moths are slightly larger than Spotted Silk Moths and are mottled grey with red undersides to their lower set of wings which they think are unfeasibly terrifying and will try to avoid showing to people they like.

Also there are some trilobites investigating the hook if you look closely

? - {:|||||x

It's worth noting that the three Chiran species are very active and ridiculously agile; a Chiran can jump her own height from a standing start, lean up on her tail to reach higher, and all three species are natural climbers, with red pandas retaining retractable claws; a red panda can climb a rope faster than she can run. This results in a society where stairs are only for the elderly or disabled, and where the typical method of ascending a building is either a shaft with handholds or climbing up the outside. Their active nature also means jobs are organised around regularly moving around, and that they nap for a few hours in the middle of their working day (Aludrans prefer to do so too because it is Civilised, but Chirans actually have to).

Needless to say, small Chirans only learn to walk after exhausting all the other more interesting options.

(You can tell this isn't an Aludran construction site because if it was the foreman would be wearing a Proper dress and holding an armoured parasol instead of wearing a hard hat because Ladies have Standards. As a note, words related to being Proper are capitalised in Aludran; Properness is a trait which they believe is intrinsic to their species and is best summed up as "only Aludrans know how to do it")