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Free To Use: Christmas Critters by AC

Free To Use: Christmas Critters


17 December 2013 at 17:44:33 MST

A link to the PSD file can be found here:

The file contains all of the heads in different folders with 3 layers: Lines, Clothing and Body. Ready to be colored, shaded, cropped and used!

The lineart is 100% free to use with credit. I wanted to do something for the holidays even though I don't have a ton of time. I tried to add as many popular species as I could think of to cover most of the board. I know I don't have every animal on FA covered under these 12 but I'm allowing minor edits in order for you guys to help them to fit your needs!

Under this free to use you are allowed to:

-Color and shade the head shots any way you choose

  • The lineart may be edited slightly in order to add/changing/remove ears or horns in order to make the image look more like your character or more like another species. Any small additions such as: collars/bells/earrings etc.
  • Use the final result as an icon, put it in your gallery, display it however you want. You may also gift them to friends if you have a bunch.

You are not allowed to:

  • Use these bases without providing credit
  • Drastically change the art to the point where it no longer resembles mine
  • Use this art for profit of any kind, that includes raffles or art giveaways

This PSD is 100% free but if you'd like to donate some money my PP is ayceeart[at]

Happy Holidays :D

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    This is very generous of you! Thank you for sharing these - they're adorable and look great! <3

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    Yes, thank-you so much for sharing these! I may need to mod the kitty though, hehe.