Commission Prices 2018 by AbbyWolfox

Commission Prices 2018


22 November 2018 at 18:26:38 MST

So here's my prices for 2018, and I've made some changes:

-I no longer take Reference commissions
-Flat Color commissions now have a single cell flat shade
-Tweaked the prices to better match time put into the work

I WILL draw:
✔️ Any Expantion kink
✔️ Sexual Situations
✔️ Dark Themes
✔️ Most subjects if we talk about it prior!

I WILL NOT draw:
✖️ Children in suggestive situations
✖️ Political themes
✖️ Bodily waste
✖️ Diapers
✖️ Hate pieces against a person or organization
✖️ Feral Porn
✖️ Anything I am uncomfortable with

⚠️ Check my journals for availablility! Or just DM me! ⚠️

For Commission inquiry, please send a note, or DM me on Twitter🐦 @FluffTank !

A Commission inquiries must include:
📄 Clear, flat colored reference of every character involved
📝 Easily understandable description of the scenario
📧 Email for invoicing

Thank you so much for reading! I look forward to working with you all! 💜


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