Telegram Sticker Commissions by aantlers

Telegram Sticker Commissions


10 March 2018 at 14:49:25 MST

My Telegram sticker commissions are OPEN!

Price info is on the sheet, but some other important stuff:

  • Heads/busts only, no fullbodies at this time
  • Payment must be via PayPal (although I'm willing to do larger payments in installments)
  • You MUST provide me with a ref sheet for your character unless they are super ultra simple and basic. I will not design your character for you.
  • Any and all species welcome!! I draw a lot of canines but I promise all it takes is to throw dollars at my face for me to draw literally anything else; I'm pretty capable.
  • Prices may go up in the future; any orders placed before the price change will still adhere to old prices.
  • NSFW stuff is fine, but incurs a fee of 5% tacked onto your order (prices change to 10.50$, 52.50$, and 168$, tho it would be weird to get a whole pack of NSFW stickers probably), fandom-related stuff is fine, weird inside jokes with your friends stuff is fine, but what's not okay is racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/otherwise offensive content, I'm not comfortable drawing that.

Stickers are fully custom, NOT recolours of the ones featured -- these are just for me of my fursona!

You can also feel free to add me on Telegram, I'm aantlers there too! Please don't be creepy though, I'm not about that life -- no photos of your genitals, but spamming photos of your pets is a-okay -- I am notoriously bad at conversation tho, so feel free also to not add me LOL.

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