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I've been a furry since I was 14. I've been working hard to develop interesting skills that would go hand in hand with the fandom, such as writing and drawing. I don't do it much anymore and I'm a bit rusty. I prefer to write than draw, but either is nice. I'm married to Jailbird you can find her here.

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on 20 January 2019 at 14:40:53 MST

It’s been a busy week for me, as I’m trying to upload content onto my Patreon, as it sits; I have four excited, on-going stories for you to check out. More coming, I assure you.

Want Ads

Want Ads is a saucy, new story created only for Patreon.
Meet Guy, a twenty-something skunk, trying to recover from a recent break up with his boyfriend, of three years. When Guy stops, for some feel-good junk food; he finds the most unusual ad posted on the cork board. ‘Rich T. Male-handler Expertise’? What does that even mean? He takes his chances on this mysterious stranger. Guy is about to embark on a risqué journey of healing, he didn’t even know he needed.

Want Ads is a romantic comedy with a spicy edge to it. Be careful though, it’s not labeled NSFW for nothing.

Want Ads’ first chapter is available at the Tip Jar tier, like what you read and want to read more, consider supporting me at Validated! tier. This story will update every Sunday.

The Last One:

The Last One is a thrilling Sci-Fi story only available on Patreon.
Azura Fey is a high class bounty hunter, working for the United Galactic Council, to crack the tough nuts. All the while, investigating what happened to her entire species. With the help of her holographic, childhood friend, Silph, and the resources provided by the UGC; she comes ever closer to solving the mystery, or unraveling something bigger.

The Last One is a new thrilling, Sci-Fi saga only available on Patreon. It’ll twist your mind and play with your heartstrings.

The Last One’s first chapter is available at the Tip Jar tier, like what you read and want to read more, consider supporting me at the Validated! Tier. This story will update every Sunday.


After a terrible fire leaves Ayer orphaned, he’s taken under the wing of his rescuer, Gaspar De Laurente. Ayer is given a home, clothes, and a mentor to help him on his way. Together with Miss Gertrude, another rescued orphan, the three of them work to become a family. Though, Ayer soon learns that some things are not what they seem.

Touche’ is mature, thrilling ride that promises plenty of sensual delight, and excitement for your mind.

Touche’ is an older story that I’ve taken and revamped to upload on my Patreon. It’s available at the tip jar tier. Come check it out.

Zootopia: Baby’s Been a Bad Bad Bunny

Judy gets angry when Nick proclaims she has virgin ears, after Clawhauser makes a lewd comment. It spurs them into an edgy bet that leads Judy to live a bit beyond her comfort zone.

Baby’s Been a Bad Bad Bunny’s heart truly lies in its romantic comedy roots. But don’t let that put you off, there’s a reason that Bad’s used twice in the title.

Baby’s Been a Bad Bad Bunny is and older story that I’ve revamped for uploading on my Patreon. It’s available at the tip jar tier. Come check it out.

And that’s not all folks; my Patreon will feature story-based art that you can gander at as you see fit. There will also be drabbles, blurbs, and even one-shots. I’m constantly uploading older content, revamped just for Patreon, while the new on-going stories will come every Sunday. If you’re curious and you like what you see, please consider supporting me.

Love you all, and take care.

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