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Commissions Terms of Service

on 30 July 2015 at 02:48:38 MDT

The Short version
This is a pay for service arrangement. You are paying me to create an artwork, which you may then use for personal, non-commercial use, but I retain copyright of the image.

The Official version

Rights of the Client
Client may exhibit the commission online/offline at will with due credit to the artist.
Client may produce prints for personal use.
Client may resize/crop the artwork to create icons/wallpapers etc for personal use, but may not alter the artwork itself.
Client may not use the commission for commercial gain.

Rights of the artist
I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.
I retain the right to repost the finished piece in my galleries. If you want me to refrain from doing this for a time, for example if it's a gift, this must be agreed before I accept the commission.

If you want to request a deadline, and I agree to it. You'll get a full refund if I miss the deadline by a week or more.

Cancellation and Refunds
If a commission is cancelled, by either party, I'll issue a refund based on how much of the work has already been completed.

If I've missed something that was clearly included in your description, I'll correct it. Other edits will not be done once the picture is finished. If you think you may want edits, please let me know beforehand and I'll give you a stage-by-stage update after the sketch/flat colours, or at the rough sketch stage for a sketch commission.

Prices are in GBP (Great British Pounds)
I accept Paypal only
I will send you an invoice once I have accepted your commission. Work begins after payment.

Will draw
Pretty much anything PG-13 is fine
Tasteful nudity/suggestive scenes
Mild gore/violence

What I enjoy drawing
Action scenes, fantasy/sci-fi themes

Wont draw
extreme fetishes

If you're unsure about anything, please ask.

Commissioned images are © Kadrasar. If you want buy partial or full copyright to an image, please let me know.

Commission Form

Your name/nickname:

Your email: (I'll use this email for all communication about the piece)

Invoice email/Paypal email: (Even if it's the same as above, please include this. It saves confusion.)

Commission Type: (Lineart, Flat colours, Full colour, Simple/Detailed Background)

Description: (A description of the commission. This can be as detailed or as general as you like, depending on how precise you are about what you want and how much creative range you want me to have. If you're very particular about what you want, please give a detailed description.)

References: (Links to character references if applicable)

Other notes: (For any other info you have that doesn't fit in above)

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