Kazooie, The Mightiest Breegul. by 9-puzzle

Kazooie, The Mightiest Breegul.


5 August 2015 at 07:39:43 MDT

And all without cheatcodes! She went out of her way to train and build up her body. The years after Banjo Tooie were boring, so she spent those many years building up this beautiful body. This of course was well worth all the time and effort~

And speaking of time and effort, three days of work here. One day for the inking, one day for the shading, and today for the highlights. But man was it worth it. This turned out just lovely! It's definately the most work I have put into a single image I believe. And yes, still almost entirely in MS-Paint. The only thing I used Paint.net for was for the proper gradients between base and shade colors, and the highlights on the eyes. But other than that, the inking, shading and highlights were done in MS-Paint 5.0.

So because of that, I humbly ask for some comments should you fave the image. I would GREATLY apreciate it. <=3

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    Zoomed out it looks like extremely clean vector work. Really nicely done!

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    Yeah, but full size you can tell it's MS-Paint. =P
    But it's my program of choice~ And heck, just look at it, it's freaking MS-Paint work that looks awesome.
    And yes, the preview size is like perfect for it.