Chapter One TheGreenPlainLands by 3DWolfGlasses

The Green Plainlands

Chapter One

Inside the Black Wolf inn was a bar that had been siting there since the first time the kingdom had arisen from the ground up standing on humanitys shoulders of civilization and wisdom. Until one day a strange traveler had entered the Black Wolf inn they were wearing on their back a orange royal kings cape. A orange crown with Ghosting Orangenite Royal Jewels in its slots and a Crystalnite Sword holstered on the side of their digitigraded thigh And a SteelTowerShield on their back. the strange traveler walked in closeing the Black Wolf inns door behind himself then taking a look around himself seeing monster heads mounted over a nearby fireplace wall. Shelves loaded with flowers and jars on display and just for show and enjoyment to look at. The Black Wolf inns bartender looked up from wipeing down the bar counter clean he was a very old man alittle bit hunched over and crickety looking. he spoke in a soft voice towards the strange visitor welcomeing them warmly in open arms. BartenderJoe: "Welcome lad to the Black Wolf inn shes been around for a long time but i hope she can keep ya feelin nice at home would you be interested in a drink or something to eat?" the wolf like figure walked over to the counter of the bar and took a seat siting infront of the bartender. The bartender had a nice welcomeing smile across his face trying to look freindly towards the strange visitor. The traveler replyed back to him acting abit nervous Leo: "S-Sure just call me Leo by the way my full name is Leo The Second Ghost King if that helps too at all" The Bartender Raised a bushy eyebrow at Leo BartenderJoe: "Ghost king you say lad? you dont look like one but im not one to judge ya many people and creatures come in many shapes and sizes alike but its a plesure to meet you Leo The Ghost King" The bartender held out his old wrinkely hand for a friendly welcomeing shake to the Black Wolf inn Leo stared at his hand for awhile then moved his paw towards the bartenders hand grabing onto it a
nd shakeing hands with him Leo: "Its nice to meet you then" BartenderJoe noded happily then let go of Leos paw turning around towards a keg grabing a mug next to him swiftly slideing it under the kegs spout pulling a small lever on it and a nice cold bevrage pours into the mug filling it up he pulls it down again stoping the keg from pouring the cold bevrage and then the bartender takes the mug and slides it down the counter towards Leo and it stops infront of him slowly next to his paw that was laying on the counter the bartender smiled staring at him and said happily pointing at Leo BartenderJoe: "Since your new around here lad on the house on me free drink for yah dont worry about your gold save it for somethin else you seem like a nice guy and i like your attitude reminds me when i was still a young boy with polite manners" Leo had a small smile appear on his face and he grabed onto the mug taking a sip of the cold refreshing bevrage Leo: "Thank you sir appreciate your services of the Black Wolf inn" The Bartender softly flailed his arms alittle bit BartenderJoe: "Bah dont worry about it lad just enjoy yourself here" then the bartender went back to serveing other people that where waiting on their food and bevrages while Leo sat there at the bar counter enjoying some peace and quiet at last. (END OF CHAPTER ONE)

Chapter One TheGreenPlainLands


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