cattitude part 2 by 2n2n

cattitude part 2


6 March 2021 at 09:50:57 MST

when i was a kid, i had invented a little persona called 'cattitude' [before i knew what a fursona was, or that others might even do this kind of thing!]; she was a 'firecat', which was more or less based off of a Flareon card I liked a lot, subconciously. She was an aloof teenaged white-furred cat with flames on her chest, and also on her 'points' like her legs and, tail, eartips.
She was also majorly inspired by a t-shirt i had that said... 'cattitude'.. and had this kind of evil devil-eared cat face on it. I just really loved that shirt.
anyway, I still love her and draw her sometimes. I was a very meek and quiet kid so its always very funny and charming to look back on this self-representation. She wasn't a badass or superpowered, she was just kindof disconnected from everything and a self-imposed loner. She was how I felt inside.

anyway, I like playing with her design, and I wanted to sort of 'evolve' her like a pokemon or digimon. Not an organic growth but imagine a 'next step' in her... trying to mesh her original aspects, and the things i loved as a kid, with my current self-image and identity [like being a weird raptorthing].

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