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Captives - Commission by 1ndigoCat

Captives - Commission


Comission for Zoel_noOne Furaffinity ⛵

Indigo and Blue were sailing to a new paradise island to explore it, they left very early before the sun rose, but they discovered that they had stored the wrong map in their backpack, then they spent hours adrift they found a huge ship that they thought that they were going to help them...

Blue: Indigo you never listen to me!
Indigo: You don't listen to me when I tell you not to do that either!
Captain Kindness: Well well -She pulls out a huge automatic pistol- it seems our stowaways are very noisy
Windy: -starts to whisper a lot of ideas to torture them-
Captain Kindness: -licks his beak imagining-

How will our friends get out of this predicament? What trouble did Indigo and Blue get into now? D:

Well, this is my most complex drawing so far, I did it with a lot of love and respect for Zoel_noOne I really like his characters, and I can understand very well what role to put them on to get the best of them in a drawing, I am very grateful for your support, since with your help I was able to buy my new XP-PEN Deco pro, so I started experimenting with a new style of lineart.

I am going to implement it for sketches/YCH but at the moment I am not going to use it for full color drawings, I wanted to do something different, an ambient scene, worthy of a movie, the truth is I am very satisfied with the result, it has been a long time since I made a drawing that I wanted to keep looking at over and over again

I have open commissions, and I will not take so long to deliver drawings since I do not have difficult slope, I could use the financial help very well, so you can send me a note or an email if you are interested