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Halloween Community Event!

Posted by Fiz

Hi everybody! We are hosting a YCH Halloween community event! YCH standing for Your Costume Here in this context!

Our mascot, Wesley, wants to go trick-or-treating, but he forgot his costume! Could you please draw him up a costume in time for him to go out and collect candy? You can even give him a custom pumpkin pail if you wish!

Use this .psd file to draw a costume onto Wesley

Here is an example entry to check out!

Here are the rules to enter:

  1. Make sure your entry complies with our General rating rules. Must be safe for work.
  2. Do not include clearly offensive material in your entry.
  3. Tag your entry with "halloweasyl2014" so we can find it easily!
  4. Upload your entry to Weasyl by 12 PM EST October 31st 2014.

All entries following the rules will be showcased in our follow up news post.

Thanks and have fun!